NJ4X Copy Trading

Standalone NJ4X API based copy trading system

Copy Trading is the automatic service to copy trades from the accounts of the leading successful traders. The system allows to manage the financial risks by setting CutLoss%, MinEquity, MaxLossAmount etc. Provides symbols mapping with multiple copy rules: One-to-one, Fixed Lot, Percentage multiplier, Account to Balance(Equity/Free Margin/Margin level) Ratio.

Copy Trading main benefits:
Feature rich system
with a simple WebSocket administration API
Easy integration with an existing customer base by client-id mapping
Highly available clustered architecture
with 99.9% transaction execution ratio
Instant copying
execution speed

Using this service (platform) you may help the experienced traders to get extra profit by selling the subscription for the trading signals from their Master accounts.


Decide system size and get your quote


Get system deployed in 1 week
upon 30% upfront payment


Develop your frontend
Integrate with an existing customer base


Start using your custom
copy trading system

Please contact our support team to get Copy Trading platform details/quotes.

NJ4X Copy Trading Features

  • Setup of Follower account validity period
  • Managed CutLoss%, MinEquity, MaxLossAmount for the follower accounts
  • Setup of MinMarginLevel to allow copy
  • Define action on manually closed copy trades
  • Multiple copy rules for the same master/follower symbol
  • Copy modes: One-to-One, Fixed Lot, % multiplier, Account to Balance/Equity/Free Margin/Margin Level
  • Min/Max follower/master lot rules
  • Reverse trading, slippage, hang time, number of retries setup
  • Symbol rule level validity period
  • Copying of partially closed orders, "closed-by" orders etc.

Minimal Configuration Installation

Copy Trading Cluster Components

This configuration features automatic failure recovery, minimum system downtime in case of HW/SW failures, fixes/upgrades without system shutdown. System load is distributed between different nodes thus improving overall performance.